Monday, December 27, 2010

365 Days of blogging, can I commit to that?

I saw, on facebook, a friend was taking a picture everyday of something that caught her eye and then writing a brief description about what the picture was about. It became an interesting photo representation of her year, her thoughts, her family,etc. I was struck by how amazing this exercise could be and also how difficult of a discipline it is.

It is something that I would like to attempt, but not sure if I want the accountability of blogging this year in pictures. Yet, I understand what a motivation that accountability could be.

I am the last person to encourage New Years resolutions because, as my chiropractor in IL would often say, most find themselves participating in the second biggest New Years Resolution holiday--January 14th, Break Your New Years Resolution Day! But-I think there may be value in starting a disciple such as this around New Years.

Since I can not quite come to grips with actually starting this on Jan 1, I think I may even start this tonight--no time better than the present right? I am sure some might be short entries and other might be more lengthy--but I am doing this more for the end result. The ability to look back and see a year of updates on my family, my thoughts, the experiences we were going through, etc.

Well--here is to one year of pictures and blogging--

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